Increase NPS, revenue, profitability and bring your brand to life through an agile Employee Experience approach

Introducing the Employee Experience for Global Enterprise Summit - a bespoke event, tailored to the needs and challenges of large, globally operating organisations. Join top businesses innovating and adopting a proactive approach to an inside-out transformation in order to thrive in the era of digital revolution, gig economy and the new rising generations.

How well are you exercising your responsibility to look after your people? Employee eXperience is essential to the health of your organisation, as well as to effective competition in a dynamic global market. So how do you build an experience which results in maximised productivity and is sustained by an engaging, inclusive, creative organisational culture? We will help you build your own formula, tailored to your employees, through exploring how the following areas have a direct impact on EX: Digital HR Transformation, People Analytics, Workplace Design, L&D, Wellbeing and Talent Acquisition & Onboarding.

Join our global experts to help you turn your limitations into strength through an employee-centric approach that promotes agility, resilience and sustained high performance.

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2019 Speakers Include:

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What will be happening over two days:


Digital HR platforms

How to build engagement through digitalisation of employee interactions

Lunch & Learns

People analytics

How to ensure you have data and evidence at the core of your initiatives to know what your employees want and need

Annual Cocktail Reception

Workplace Design

How do you design daily working to maximise performance, engagement, creativity and teamwork

Lunch & Learns

Learning & Development

How to build up talent and skills to ensure employees are empowered to carry out their tasks and innovate the future

Lunch & Learns


How to carry out and measure the responsibility to look after your people


Talent acquisition & onboarding

How to know what you are looking for and how to prepare for success during the onboarding process

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